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Beautiful Land in Bali

Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia with the fastest land price growth. It’s because Bali has a high demand for land acquisition and construction. 

That’s why it’s a perfect choice if you want to diversify your portfolio or build a personal vacation home – with a high investment return and low risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. With 12+ years of experience in Bali’s property investment, our team has in-depth knowledge of Bali’s real estate market and legal landscape. Also, we will recommend you go to a trusted legal notary for further inquiries you have about buying land in Bali. We’ll guide you throughout the land acquisition process, ensuring you make the right decisions.

At Bali Villa Realty, we often receive inquiries about the legalities of acquiring land in Bali, especially from foreign investors. 

Here are two legal Considerations for foreigners who want to buy land in Bali:

  1. Nominee System

Foreigners often opt for the ‘nominee agreement,’ where a local Indonesian purchases the property on their behalf. While this might seem convenient, it offers no legal protection and poses a high risk to your investment.

  1. Foreign-Owned Companies (PT PMA)

A safer and more reliable method is establishing a foreign-owned company (PT PMA) in Indonesia. This legal entity allows you to own property under certain conditions, providing more security and control. 

With a PT PMA, you can lease, inherit, or even resell your property, giving you flexibility and peace of mind.

Before buying land in Bali, you need to understand the two main types of land ownership in Bali:

  1. Hak Milik (Freehold)

Hak Milik grants complete ownership rights over the land and any permanent structures on it. However, under Indonesian law, foreigners are not eligible to hold land under this category. This type of ownership is exclusive to Indonesian citizens.

  1. Hak Pakai (Leasehold)

Hak Pakai is the most viable option for foreigners. This leasehold ownership allows you to lease land for typically up to 25 years, with an option to extend. Hak Pakai is ideal for residential or commercial developments and can be applied to land under Hak Milik.

And, don’t forget to do due diligence before buying land in Bali. Make sure you understand the legal process, including verifying land title and zoning regulations. That way, you can ensure compliance with local laws.

  1. On-Ground Search

Sometimes, the traditional personal exploration method can lead to great finds. Look out for “Dijual” signs while touring Bali, or consider hiring a land surveyor for professional advice on available properties in your preferred areas.

  1. Community Connections

Tap into the local community and networks. Word-of-mouth and community referrals can often lead to unique land opportunities not listed on mainstream platforms.

  1. Local Real Estate Experts

However, if you want to have a hassle-free investment process, you can discuss it with Bali Villa Realty. With 12+ years of experience in the real estate market in Bali, we offer recommendations and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market.

  • Engage with a Notary
  • The first step is to engage a notary – who is vital in drafting and reviewing the sales and purchase agreement in line with Indonesian laws.
  • Negotiating the deal :
  •  Terms and Price: Negotiate the terms, including the price with the seller. A real estate agent can provide valuable assistance in this process.
  • Deposit and Sales Agreement: Once terms are agreed upon, place a deposit to secure the land and sign a sales agreement detailing the purchase conditions.
  • Finalising the purchase
  • Payment and Transfer of Ownership: Complete the payment as per the agreement and proceed with the transfer of ownership. This is where the Notary ensures all legalities are met.
  • Post-Purchase Documentation: Finalize all necessary post-purchase documentation and registrations, again with the assistance of the Notary.

Freehold Land: The Permanent Choice. 

In Bali, freehold properties mean complete ownership without any time limits. It’s a popular choice for investors looking for long-term security and control over their property.

The benefits include total authority over the property, no usage restrictions, and the ability to pass it down as an inheritance. However, freeholds often come with a higher upfront cost and full responsibility for maintenance.

Leasehold Land: Flexible and Accessible. 

On the other hand, leasehold involves purchasing property rights for a predetermined period, usually up to 25 years. After this period, they revert to the original ownership unless it’s renewed at additional costs.

This option is attractive for expats because it has a lower initial investment. That’s why it’s perfect for investors seeking shorter-term investments – with a lower financial commitment. However, it’s essential to consider the renewal terms and any usage restrictions.

Your ideal piece of Bali’s exotic land is just a call or click away. Contact us today to begin your journey towards owning a piece of Bali and creating a space that reflects your vision and dreams.

Bali Villa Realty invites you to seize the opportunity to invest in Bali’s vibrant real estate market. Explore our diverse range of land listings, envision the possibilities, and let us assist you in making your land ownership dreams a reality in the heart of this tropical haven.

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