How to Find a Bali Villa to Rent: Ubud vs Sanur

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There’s a lot of information about how to stay in Canggu or Seminyak.

But what about staying in Bali’s less discussed vacation places, Ubud and Sanur?

While staying in Canggu or Seminyak is great…

Sometimes, you just want a quiet and possibly luxurious stay and get the most out of your visit to Bali. 

You can get that by staying in Ubud, Sanur, or both! 

What makes them unique, and why you should stay here?

In this article, we’ll share what each place has to offer and a 7-minute guide on how you can book Bali vacation rentals.

Ubud vs Sanur

Choosing between Ubud and Sanur can be tough. Each has its own charm and benefits. Let’s explore what makes these two Bali spots unique and see which one is right for you.


Ubud is a place where you can feel the culture of Bali. 

It has art galleries, museums, and places to watch traditional Balinese dances. There are also old houses to explore and beautiful nature everywhere you look.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay Here?

The cost of staying in a villa in Ubud can vary a lot. 

Some are pretty affordable, while others are a bit more luxurious. 

Prices for a fully furnished two-bedroom villa start at about $1,589 and can go up to $3,250. 

Villas in Ubud are very popular, so booking your stay a few weeks in advance is a good idea. 

But you might get a big discount if you plan to stay longer. 

On average, a week-long trip for two people might cost around $2,350/month (excluding the accommodations).

As the prices have risen in the center of Ubud, you can still find some good deals in nearby areas, like Pengosekan, where you can find a suitable villa at an affordable price. 

Plus, staying here is usually cheaper than in Sanur, and you can see many rice fields.

Source: Jungle View 1 Bedroom Villa in Ubud

When’s the Best Time to Visit?

Anytime is a great time to visit Ubud.

I know it’s a bit biased, but it’s true. 

The tourist destinations are open year-round, and it’s always nice to see local cultures or visit places like the Monkey Forest and the Tegalalang rice terraces.

Here, you can find most villas with traditional Balinese designs. 

There are also many places for people who love health and art, like organic cafes, yoga studios, and art galleries. 

This mix of culture and health draws in people who don’t mind spending more on these experiences. 

Ubud is greener and sticks to the traditional Bali vibe more than other places.

Things to Consider

Ubud can get pretty busy, especially on weekends and during the tourist season. 

The narrow and winding roads make it a bit tricky to get around, especially by car or bike, compared to Sanur.

But the good thing is you can easily access it on walking… so you don’t need to spend much on transportation.

In summary, Ubud is a beautiful and cultural part of Bali that offers a unique experience for visitors and investors alike. 

With its blend of traditional Balinese lifestyle and natural beauty, it’s a place where you can find peace and adventure all in one.


Sanur is a beautiful spot in Bali close to the beach, offering lots of fun activities on the water. 

While staying here might cost a bit more than in Ubud, with prices ranging from $2,499 to $27,350 a month, there’s a good reason for it. 

Sanur is famous for its gentle waters, which families and older folks love. 

The proximity in Sanur means there’s always a high demand for villas or apartments, so the price is a bit higher. 

Sanur’s quiet, peaceful vibe and handy amenities, such as shops and restaurants, make it a top pick for retirees and people moving to Bali. 

Getting around Sanur is easy, whether heading to the airport or exploring other parts of Bali.

You can find all sorts of homes in Sanur, from big, fancy villas right by the sea to simpler houses a little further away. 

Sanur is also closer to places like schools, hospitals, and the city than Ubud.

Wondering about the cost of living in Sanur or when’s the best time to visit? 

These are common questions, especially when choosing between Ubud and Sanur for a trip with kids. 

Sanur is an excellent choice for ending your Bali adventure. 

It’s kid-friendly, has a safe beach with few waves, and is closer to the airport, so you won’t have to worry about missing your flight. 

But if you’re looking to surf, Sanur might not be your spot.

Nearby, you’ve got Sindhu Beach, the Le Mayeur Museum, and the Kids SoHo Playground for more fun.

As for expenses, if you live a moderate lifestyle and do not eat out all the time, you could spend about $865 to $2,675 for two weeks for two to three people. 

This gives you a good idea of what to expect budget-wise for a comfortable stay in Sanur.

How to book a villa in Bali: A Guide for Foreigners

Step 1: Define Your Needs and Preferences

When looking for a villa in Bali, it’s crucial to think about a few key things to make sure you find a great place:

  • How Long Will You Stay?

First, figure out if you’re going to Bali for a quick visit or if you plan to stay for a while. Are you looking for a place to stay just for your vacation, or are you considering living in Bali for a few months or even longer?

  • Where Do You Want to Stay?

Next, think about where in Bali you’d like to live. If you love culture and want a peaceful spot, Ubud might be perfect with its beautiful views and artsy scenery. 

But if you dream about waking up to the sound of waves, then Sanur, with its quiet beaches, could be your go-to place. 

  • What Kind of Place Do You Want?

Now, think about the kind of house or villa that would make you happy. 

“How big does it need to be?”

“Do you need a lot of bedrooms for family or friends or just a cozy spot for yourself?” “Would you love to have a private pool or a big garden where you can relax?”

Also, consider how close you want to be to things like shops, restaurants, or the beach.

  • How Much Can You Spend?

Last but not least, decide how much money you can spend on renting this place. Remember to include everything in your budget, not just the rent. Think about the security deposit you’ll need to pay upfront, and don’t forget about other costs like paying for the SIM card or meals. 

Step 2: Research and Find Villas

You want to find a place that’s not just nice but perfect for your stay. Here’s how to ensure you check everything off your list before making your decision: 

  • Good Location

The location of your villa is key. Think about what’s important to you. Do you want to be near the beach, the best shopping spots, or in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle? Being close to restaurants, shops, and easy transportation can make your stay much more enjoyable. 

  • No Construction

There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a relaxing vacation only to find loud construction happening right next door. So, ask about any current or planned construction near the villa. A peaceful stay without the noise of hammers and drills will improve your Bali experience.

  • Online Platforms

Start your search on reputable websites and platforms that list Bali villas for rent. These sites are great because they show detailed listings, photos, and even reviews from people who’ve stayed there. 

  • Real Estate Agents

If you’re planning a longer stay or want local expertise, consider working with a local real estate agent

They know the ins and outs of Bali’s property market and can find hidden gems you might not find on your own. 

Plus, they can help you negotiate better terms, which could save you money in the long run.

Step 3: Contact owners or agents

When looking for a villa in Bali, follow these steps:

  • Initial Inquiry:

You can send them a message that says when you want to stay, what you like, and anything special you need. Make sure to ask about how the villa looks and feels, what you get with your rent, and if there are any extra costs you should know about.

Make sure to ask things about

  • Air conditioning and climate comfort.
  • Internet speed.
  • Whether utilities and cleaning services are included.
  • Availability of laundry services or facilities.
  • The presence of any gaps or holes that might allow insects inside.
  • Water pressure and availability of hot water.
  • Ask Questions:

You can usually talk to them directly through WhatsApp or Facebook messages. 

But if you want to ensure you’re dealing with someone trustworthy, working with a local real estate agent is a good idea. 

They can introduce you to the owner, set up times to see the place, and help negotiate the rent.

  • Scheduling and Viewing:

If you’re already in Bali, try to see the villas in person. This is important if you’re planning to stay for a while. 

You want to ensure the place is right before you agree to anything. 

If you can’t get to Bali, ask for a video tour. 

Many owners and agents can show you around the property via video call.

Seeing the villa for yourself is crucial, especially for longer stays. If visiting in person isn’t possible, requesting a video tour can give you a good idea of what to expect.

  • Research Market Prices and visit multiple villas:

It’s also smart to check if the rent is fair for the area. 

You can look online at sites like Airbnb or other villa listing websites to compare prices. 

Just because a villa is cheaper doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. 

Sometimes, the photos don’t match reality, so seeing the place with your eyes is best. 

Arrange a time to visit that works for both you and the owner.

Finding the right place at a good price that you really like can take some time. You might need to look at 2-5 more villas before you find the perfect one.

Step 4: Inspection time

Before moving into your new Bali home, here’s a simple list to ensure everything goes smoothly:

  • House Inspection: It’s smart to see the house yourself before moving in. 

Walking through the villa is super important. Sometimes, a place might look amazing in photos, but it’s not what you expect when you see it. 

You’ll also want to check out the view from the villa. You might be looking for a place with a big garden, especially if you have dogs who need space to run and play.

When you first get to the villa, take your time to look around carefully. 

If you see any damage, like a scratch on a wall or a broken tile, take pictures of it. 

This is important because it shows that you didn’t cause that damage. That way, you won’t have to worry about being blamed for it later.

  • Inspect Thoroughly Upon Arrival

There should be an inventory list if the villa has furniture or kitchen tools. 

Go through this list with the owner or agent. 

Ensure everything that’s supposed to be there is there and that it’s all in good shape. 

This is just another way to make sure there are no surprises later on.

These steps make you feel more confident about moving into your new place. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting, and you won’t have any unexpected problems down the line.

Step 5: Negotiate and review the contracts

Now, you’ve done it!

With all the inspection and villa visits, it’s time to negotiate the prices and review the contracts: 

  • Discuss Rental Terms:

First, you need to figure out how long you’ll be staying and how you’ll pay for it. You’ll also want to discuss who takes care of the place if something breaks or needs fixing. 

And what if you need to leave earlier than planned? That’s important, too.

Don’t be shy to talk about the price. If you plan to stay for a long time, you might be able to pay less. And, if you need to stay longer, it’s good to know how that will work.

If all this sounds too much work, consider getting a local property agent to help you. 

They’re pros at dealing with these things. They can introduce you to the owner and help you get a good deal.

Reviewing and signing the contract:

  • Get a Legal Review:

Before you sign anything, it’s smart to have someone who knows about laws review your contract. 

This is important if you’re planning to stay for a while. 

You want to make sure everything you talked about, like how long you’re staying, how much you’re paying, and rules about fixing things, is written down clearly.

  • Documentation:

Make sure everything you agree on is in the contract. 

If you’re not from Bali and the contract is in Bahasa, ask for a version in English so you understand everything. 

This is super important, especially for longer stays. 

You’ll want to know who is supposed to clean the place, maintain the pool, and cover any other costs that might arise. 

Everything should be clear in the contract so there are no surprises later.

Those are five steps to finding a great villa to rent in Bali. 


The next time you visit Bali, consider Ubud or Sanur as one of your destination lists.

This guide has told you what you can get from each place…

While finding great accommodation takes time and patience, remember, it’s all worth it if it means having a safe and comfortable place to unwind and relax. 

Ultimately, deciding whether to stay in Ubud or Sanur depends on your needs and preferences. 

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday focusing on culture and spirituality, Ubud is the right choice. 

But if you are looking for a more luxurious vacation with direct access to the beach, Sanur is the place.

Have you been to Ubud and Sanur? Let me know in the comment section below.

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