Where To Stay In Bali In 2024? (No.5 Will Surprise You)

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Are you planning to visit Bali but don’t know where to go?

If you search on Google, you’ll see many options for places to go in Bali-all with amazing views, beaches, and accommodations.

With all those options, deciding where to go is quite challenging.

You don’t want to miss out on the possibility of experiencing Balinese culture, enjoying the food, or surfing on the beautiful beaches.

That’s why, in this guide, we’ll walk you through the nine best locations in Bali you can check out for the best experience.

1. Canggu-A Blend of Peace and Excitement

If you’ve been to Bali or plan to go there, you’ll be familiar with Canggu. 

Famous for its beaches and digital nomads, it is no wonder Canggu offers a perfect blend of peace and excitement. 

Here, you can enjoy a tranquil morning doing yoga or jogging along the beach and then switch over to experience vibrant nightlife. 

While it’s popular among digital nomads, you’ll see plenty of cafes full of nomads with laptops and coffee. 

Though Canggu is popular with young people, it doesn’t mean that older people can’t come here. 

Canggu offers a variety of activities both for young and old.

Take a cooking class, for example. 

You’ll find organic cooking classes where you can make new friends and mingle with the locals. 

You can have a vacation while having a healthy meal. It’s a win-win!

In Canggu, you don’t need to worry about finding accommodations. 

There are many budget-friendly accommodations with stunning rice field views or seaside views. 

Canggu is a great place to find a like-minded community with great food.

2. Ubud-A Serene and Nature Retreat

Are you seeking a more laid-back and nature-immersed experience? 

Then Ubud is your place. 

Ubud is well-known for preserving Balinese heritage and culture.

That’s why you’ll see lots of Balinese dancing and old temples. 

Despite its popularity for lush greenery, Ubud allows you to experience Balinese culture without losing touch with some Western comforts. 

With many vegetarian options and great pavements for strolling, you can easily explore the town on foot. 

However, navigating Ubud with a bike or car can be challenging due to small roads and ongoing construction.

Finding accommodations in Ubud is also easy.

You have various options, from guesthouses to villas with private pools and ricefield views. 

You’ll find that most of your budget will go towards monthly rent, which ranges from $200 to $600.

3. Seminyak – Ideal for First Timer

Is it your first time visiting Bali?

Then you should go to Seminyak. 

Coming to Seminyak can be less of a culture shock for newcomers. 

It’s because, as a developed area in Bali, Seminyak offers everything you need. 

They range from great foods, including Mexican cuisine, breakfast meals, and excellent coffee, to fancy restaurants, beautiful beaches, and high-end accommodations. 

Seminyak is a melting pot of experiences. 

Because it’s known for its vibrant nightlife and clubs, Seminyak can get crowded and might not be the best option for you to enjoy a slow-paced lifestyle. 

But it’s a great place to surf and enjoy the beachclubs with your friends. 

Travel around Seminyak is best done on a scooter, as walking paths are limited. 

Book accommodation early if you want to stay in Seminyak, as it’s always fully booked, especially during high season.

4. Uluwatu – Known for Surfer’s Paradise

Uluwatu is a surfer’s paradise with amazing views and perfect waves. 

It offers clean, turquoise blue waters with waves suitable for beginners and expert surfers, making it a must-visit for surfing enthusiasts. 

They also have a surfing school for beginners. 

Though it’s perfect for surfers, Uluwatu offers a more lush green nature than Canggu or Seminyak. 

So it’s ideal if you want to enjoy nature and outdoor activities. 

Located on the southwestern tip of the Bukit Peninsula of Bali, it’s ideal for anyone wishing to enjoy a more serene and traditional Bali vibe away from the hustle and bustle. 

Remember that scooters best access most beaches, as the roads can be steep and challenging.

While Uluwatu might have fewer accommodation options compared to Canggu or Seminyak…

You can find great places to stay in nearby areas like Ungasan and Bingin, which are only a 20-30 minute bike ride from famous beaches like Padang-Padang beach. 

You can have accommodations in a 3-5-bedroom villa with a great ocean view.

5. Pererenan – Surfer’s Paradise 2.0 and eco-friendly lifestyle

Are you looking for a quiet stay or possibly the Surfer’s Paradise 2.0 in Bali? 

Then you should check out Pererenan. 

The hidden gem near Canggu, Pererenan, is rapidly gaining popularity among travelers. 

While nearby Canggu is well-known in the surfing community, Pererenan offers a fresh experience with its consistent surf breaks and less crowded beaches. 

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been riding waves for years, you can still experience the thrill the beach offers. 

The developing area of Pererenan means you can experience authentic Balinese culture. 

You can spend your days wandering through lush rice fields or being part of temple ceremonies while interacting with the friendly locals.

You can also find cheaper accommodations with beachfront or ricefield views. 

As Pererenan is a part of natural living and reducing its carbon footprint, it’s a great place to stay if you’re an environmental enthusiast. 

You can enjoy a pleasant holiday while saving the earth for your kids and grandchildren.

6. Sanur – A Family – Friendly Option

Sanur is the best place in Bali for families looking to enjoy the beach with their kids. 

Its calm shores with almost no waves make it perfect for little ones to play. 

Because it’s located on the east coast of Bali, Sanur offers beautiful sunrises where you can relax and chill. 

You can also enjoy various activities with your kids, like bike rides, canoeing, and shopping.

As you might guess, Sanur has a more laid-back vibe, which is great for retirees and families. 

In Sanur, you can find many great foods ranging from local to Western cuisines.

It’s also located closer to the central city, Denpasar.

So it’s easier to find any necessities you might need. 

Although finding monthly rentals for a villa or housing can be tricky, you can ask for local guidance or agents to help guide your stay in Bali.

7. Jimbaran – A Great Place for Seafood Lovers

With its famous fishing village, Jimbaran is a seafood lover’s paradise. 

Here, you can enjoy fresh seafood at very affordable prices and choose the fish you want. 

The area offers good ocean and mountain views and is easier to navigate than crowded areas like Canggu or Kuta. So you’ll experience less traffic. 

The area is easier to access than other places in Bali, with less traffic and a nice place to catch the sunset. 

If you’re over 40 with two kids, Jimbaran might be the perfect place for you, as it’s away from the party scene and clubs, offering a more tranquil atmosphere.

8. Nusa Dua – A Great Place for a Romantic Getaway

There’s a reason why Nusa Dua is perfect for your dates. 

You can enjoy a romantic sunset cocktail or indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments. 

Here, you can focus on yourself and reconnect with your partner—create lasting memories with your loved ones.  

Nusa Dua is famous for its high-end resorts and villas, perfect for special occasions like weddings or honeymoons.

That’s why it’s an ideal place if you’re having no problems with the budget.

Keep in mind that some places in Nusa Dua have lost their Balinese vibes as they’re used to attracting more visitors. 

It means it’s not the place for you if you want to have a cultural trip or local experience.  

Although you’ll find more expensive accommodations, help from a local agent will help you find accommodation in a perfect location with a great view.

Though with a modern and high-end lifestyle, Nusa Dua provides everything you need within walking distance.

From world-class restaurants and vibrant water sports to luxurious spas and kids’ clubs. 

One good reason why you should stay in Nusa Dua is because of the easy access to the airport.

If you want peace of mind about your flights, you’d like to stay for your last two days in Nusa Dua.

9. Amed – Serene Coastal Living

Are you looking for a beautiful sunrise and experiencing what the ocean offers?

Then Amed is the perfect choice. 

Located on the east coast of Bali, Amed is popular for its stunning sunrise spots.

You can enjoy the sunrise while enjoying a great breakfast and coffee. 

But Amed is also a paradise for those who enjoy the ocean because it’s excellent for snorkeling or diving. 

Traveling within your budget is also great as the expenses are much cheaper than Seminyak or Nusa Dua. 

You can find many cheaper options for a villa with a private pool and a great ocean view.

If you want hotels or Airbnb rentals, the cost ranges from $30-$50 per night—and spacious villas for around $1,000 per month. 

Though you won’t find nightlife or clubs, it gives affordable living — perfect for your getaway from the hustle and bustle.


In a nutshell, Bali’s got it all – from quiet spots to vibrant nightlife and eco-friendly and family-oriented places.

Whether you’re looking after peace, culture, or a bit of fun, Bali promises unforgettable moments for your short or long-term stay.

If you want to stay in a great location that offers a great price, you can reach out to a local agent to make your stay in Bali more memorable.

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