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Modern spaces and premium design

Bali Villa realty by Ilot Property Bali is composed of four distinct entities with expertise in Architecture, Construction, Development and Management.

Today, we hold a substantial portfolio of completed luxury villas located in prime locations in Bali – driven by an unmatched commitment to quality and construction efficiency.

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Feel free if you’re looking to sell your exquisite villa or offer it up for rent, trust us to handle every aspect with precision and professionalism. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards a successful sale or rental experience!

Ilot Property Bali

Build your own villa!

If you already own land in Bali, Ilot Property Bali allows you to fully customize your retreat with a modern and luxurious villa concept that harmonizes with the local landscape. We prioritize the use of the best construction materials to guarantee the best quality for your villa, ensuring durability and longevity. This approach not only creates a luxurious personal retreat but also an investment opportunity, as Bali remains a coveted destination for travelers worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your apartment of choice. Always make sure to ask Bali Villa Realty for further information or read the features of the apartment. 

But, most of our apartment offers a modern and high-quality property – with wifi, a swimming pool, and other services.

If you want a convenient stay in Bali, an apartment is the right choice. 

Compared to other properties, you don’t need to worry about accessing popular destinations in Bali. It’s because of the area the apartment is located in. Most apartments in Bali are usually in the pink zone (popular with tourism destinations).

And, you don’t need to worry about the cleaning, maintenance, and facilities. Because in our listing, your cleaning service and maintenance fees are covered in your weekly/monthly payment (depending on your agreement with the property owner). 

All apartment is fully furnished. It’s a practical choice for your short-term stay in Bali as a private home.

At Bali Villa Realty, transparency and trust are at the core of our values. We’ll connect your preferred choice of apartment with the seller. And guide you through your hassle-free and legal process. All you need to do is ask about all of your problems and questions – and we’ll solve them for you.

We’ll connect you with luxury apartments that are ready for your stay. Contact us today to book your apartment in Bali.

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